Get ready, gun-slingers! Dust off them boots and saddle up for evenin of dancin, eatin, and drinkin. Enjoy some darn tasty vittles and get ready to kick up them spurs on our dance floor. Don’t you worry if you’re not sure which boot goes where, we’re gonna have a rootin tootin good time learnin from one of the best in the west. Line dancin lessons will be served up gettin you ready to tear up the dance floor lickety split. You’re gonna get mighty thirsty, but don’t worry, we’ll have a cash bar serving up tasty beverages all evenin long. Food won’t be in short supply neither. Your ticket will get cha some darn tasty grub. So come enjoy the sunset round a bonfire with some of the best eatin you ever did have, tap them boots along with live music, while partaken in the libations. Folks we are gonna have one darn good time, I promise you that. Now this here is a ticketed event sure to sell out faster than you can say quick draw. Get your tickets before it’s too late. Round up them heathens you call friends and buy your tickets today. We’re lookin forward to seein ya thar!

Featuring pasture raised main course from Cunningham Meats

July 23RD 6PM – 10pm  |  Tickets $60/person  |  21 & Over
BBQ Dinner  |  Live Music  |  Line Dancing Lessons & Line Dancing  | Cash Bar